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Pregnancy Care*

Helpful Tips & Remedies that comes in handy for "soon to be" or "new" mommies
  • Breast feeding  

  • Diet | Postpartum

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  • Colic*

    • Babies can be colicky and can be from an immature development of the babies gut flora

    • It can be  from feeding babies formula or foods

    • Breast feeding and restricted the moms diet to gas free and gently foods can help the baby from developing colic

    • Home Remedies for colic

      Warm Sesame oil Application*

      • Take a tablespoon of sesame oil and warm up it lightly. 

      • Making sure the oil is cooled comfortably, so as not to burn the skin, apply the slightly warmed sesame oil to the tummy of the baby. This helps to reduce colic from gas formation in the stomach

      • Always consult your physician first*

      Gripe water*

      • Buy a good brand gripe water and give a teaspoon of it every few hours or as per the instructions on the bottle. Gripe water consists of extract from ginger, fennel, chamomile, dill, etc that helps to relieve gas which causes colicky condition

      • Always consult your physician first*

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