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Pregnancy Care*

Helpful Tips & Remedies that comes in handy for "soon to be" or "new" mommies
  • Breast feeding
  • Diet | Postpartum*
    • Consume mild food helps during the initial few weeks after delivery 
    • As the delivery is a major change to your body emotionally and physically, a mild, nutritious diet is important

    • Mild Soups, low fat dishes

    • The food needs to have low amounts of health fats such as butter or vegetable oil. A totally fat free diet is not recommended as the stomach and intestines of the mommy after delivery. This is mainly because of high vata (or air in Ayurveda) condition that exists after delivery. Hence dishes likes soups with small amounts of butter and spices helps to balance the high vata 


  • Probiotics
  • Lactation | Milk Flow
  • Diaper Rash

  • Teething

  • Colic

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